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EAS (English for Academic Studies)

Learn about the support on offer for international students and staff, as well as the fees involved

Academic English courses at the Language Centre are open to all non-native English speaking members of the University, with special courses also available for Academic Visitors, spouses and partners of University Members, and pre-sessional summer courses for those with offers to study at Oxford.

For more information about the types of EAS courses on offer, and the course content, please visit the English pages.
It should be noted that for EAS courses, there is no priority form and no requirement for prior approval by departments, faculties or colleges, as these courses are an entitlement for international students whose first language is not English. If you would like to discuss your students’ English learning needs, please contact the courses administrator by emailing


The outcome of the 2009 consultation by the Education Committee on language learning in the University by non-specialists produced a clear view that priority should be given to language courses required for study and research and to courses in English for Academic Studies which would support international students for whom English is a foreign language. Since then, departments, faculties, colleges and institutions have met the charges for their matriculated students who require these courses.

The registration charge to departments, faculties and colleges is currently £40 per student per term per course. Once students have enrolled, colleges, departments, faculties and institutions will be sent a list of their students for verification and payment on a termly basis. Additionally, students will be charged a registration fee of £35 per term per course, making £75 per student per course in all.
Course fees for Academic Visitors and VRO (Visiting/ Recognised/Other) students are not chargeable to colleges, departments or faculties.

Pre-sessional summer courses for prospective students

If you have prospective students who would benefit from intensive English practice before their course starts, and have an overall IELTS score of at least 6.5, it is recommended that they enrol in our summer pre-sessional course. Most students on the course have achieved an overall IELTS score of 7.0 or higher.

These courses are extremely popular, and visa processing times must be taken into account, so please ensure that your students apply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Please see the Summer Pre-Sessional Course page for more information on the course.

Please note that the Language Centre does not organise IELTS exams, but these can be taken elsewhere in Oxford.

LASR (Languages for Study and Research)

Priority registration and fees for foreign language learning

Applicants to the LASR programme can submit a counter-signed priority form (downloadable from the priority page) to support their application. Priority forms allow colleges, faculties and departments to support their students or staff members by guaranteeing them a place in the language class that they need, and by covering the £70 per term registration fee. Fees are requested at the end of each term throughout the academic year, in the form of a purchase order or an invoice as applicable.

The registration charge for departments, faculties or colleges for each priority student on a LASR (Languages for Study and Research) course is currently £70 per course per term. This charge is below the full cost of tuition. Priority registration forms for LASR courses will need a counter-signatory, who will be the person authorizing the payment.

Tailored Courses

Options for students from particular departments and faculties

For departments and faculties with a high demand for particular language learning needs, the Language Centre provides special courses. Over the course of the academic year 2016/17, the following departmental courses will be available:

  • German for Postgraduate Classicists
  • Italian for Postgraduate Classicists
  • French for Postgraduate Classicists
  • French for Postgraduate Historians (3 levels)
  • German for Postgraduate Historians (2 levels)
  • French for Art Historians (postgrads and undergraduates)
  • Italian for Art Historians (postgrads and undergraduates)- Beginners
  • Italian for Postgraduate Historians - Beginners
  • French for Undergraduate Historians (2 levels)
  • German for Undergraduate Historians
  • French for Postgraduate Humanities Students – (2 levels)
  • German for Postgraduate Humanities Students (2 levels)
  • Italian for Postgraduate Humanities Students – Beginners
  • Dutch for Undergraduate Law Students
  • French for Undergraduate Mathematicians (2 levels)
  • French for Undergraduate Physicists and Chemists (2 levels)
  • French for Undergraduate Engineering Scientists
  • German for Undergraduate Engineering Scientists
  • Academic English for MPLS Students
  • Academic Writing for Materials Students
  • Academic Writing for Blavatnik School of Government Students
  • Communication Skills for Blavatnik School of Government Students

If your department or faculty has language training needs, please contact the Director, Dr Jane Sherwood (

A purchase order to cover fees is requested at the end of each course.

OPAL (Oxford Programme in Languages)

Fees and reimbursement information for certified foreign language learning

For our very successful OPAL certificate courses, the fee charged to students and staff will be £225 for tuition in Michaelmas and Hilary Terms and £65 for the optional Trinity Term examination, project support and final project assessment.

Most colleges refund half the total fees on successful completion.

More information, and a downloadable reimbursement form, is available at the OPAL information page.

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