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External links

Below are the links to the external websites. Language Centre takes no responsibility for the content of these websites.

Notes on Japanese characters

NJStar could be used.

Also available is shodouka, by Ka-Ping Yee (University of Waterloo): at this site you can type a Japanese URL, and shodouka generates gif images of the Japanese characters on screen, in place of the Japanese text. This means you do not require Japanese windows or Language Kit. Caution: we have found that, on occasion, using this method may cause machines problems which require re-starting or re-booting.

Language Resources

  • General
    • Aozora Bunko the Japanese equivalent of Project Gutenberg with a lot of books to read online
    • Cooori free account provides full access to the quiz library
    • Kana101 created by an Oxford University student
    • Kanji Alive is an interactive tool designed to help beginning and intermediate students learn, read, and write kanji; includes a simple dictionary of kanji etymology. The website is in English or Japanese.
    • Kokokosa course material
    • Nihongo Master free courses from beginners to intermediate
    • Nihongo Narau/Learn Japanese Aimed at English-speaking students of Japanese with updates for more advanced users. Includes: 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year Kanji charts, hiragana and katakana writing practice pages, vocabulary sections, grammar sections related to various lessons and periodic grammar reviews.
    • Nihongo Day by Day a blog made by Minako Okamoto, a Japanese Tutor in Tokyo. There is also an English version available
  • Dictionaries
  • Reading
    • Japanese Text initiative "A collaborative effort to make texts of classical Japanese literature available on the World Wide Web" from the University of Virginia.
    • Kindai over 30,000 e-books from the Meiji period.
  • Writing


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