Advanced Interactive Grammar

Course overview

In 8 workshops and through the use of self-study technology, this course will help you improve your use of grammar when presenting your ideas in written communication. You will be given regular feedback on your use of grammar, and you will learn about strategies that you can use to improve your proofreading. In each session, your tutor will provide a review of tense/aspect, relating it to your particular learning needs. Beyond in-class support, you will be able to continue learning in your own time by having access to a range of self-study resources (self-study grammar software, a grammar workbook and a grammar mobile app). These resources enable you to learn at your own pace, and give you extensive practice in grammar structures. All resources provide access to learning tips, immediate feedback, and tutorial videos.

Learning outcomes

  • Select a range of appropriate grammatical structures to meet specific academic purposes; 
  • Use proofreading strategies to identify high frequency errors; 
  • Evaluate your own performance.

A certificate of attendance is available upon request if you have attended at least 80% of the course

Timetable Hilary Term 2020

  Day of week and time Date of first class Date of final class
Closed Monday 15:00 - 17:00 20 January 2020 9 March 2020
Closed Thursday 17:00 - 19:00  23 January 2020 12 March 2020


Enrolment Information

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Course structure

  • Taught in weeks 1-8 of term
  • Classes per week: 1
  • Length of class: 2 hours
  • Total hours of tuition per term: 16

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