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The Character Writing course has been revised to an hour long session for 6 weeks each term. It aims to give beginners and elementary learners a chance to practice their writing skills with the dedicated support of one of our tutors.

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Course Pathway Stage(s) Enrol or Apply Day of week and time  Date of first class
Fast track 2+3 APPLICATIONS CLOSED Thursday 15:00-17:00
Tuesday 13:00-14:00
Tuesday 16 October
3+4 Wednesday 17:00-19:00
Friday 12:00-13:00
Wednesday 17 October
4+5 Monday 15:00-17:00
Friday 13:00-14:00
Monday 15 October
5+6 Monday 17:00-19:00
Thursday 13:00-14:00
Monday 15 October
General 1 FULL Tuesday 09:00-11:00 Tuesday 16 October
1 Enrol Tuesday 17:00-19:00 Tuesday 16 October
1 FULL Thursdays 17:00-19:00 Thursday 18 October
1 FULL Wednesday 15:00-17:00 Wednesday 17 October
2 Enrol Tuesday 11:00-13:00 Tuesday 16 October
3 Enrol Thursday 15:00-17:00 Thursday 18 October
4 Enrol Tuesdays 15:00-17:00 Tuesday 16 October
5 Enrol Friday 15:00-17:00 Friday 19 October
Characters Writing 1 Enrol Tuesday 16:00-17:00 Tuesday 16 October
2 Enrol Thursday 12:00-13:00 Thursday 18 October
Intensive TBC Enrol Information for 3-10 December 2018 courses will be available in mid-November


Details of the textbooks to be used for each course (where applicable) will be confirmed by tutors during the first class.

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At Oxford


  • Chinasoft Publisher of the Ni Hao series of Chinese learning materials.
  • Chinese Language Information Page contains an excellent range of links and resources
  • FSI language course from Foreign Service Institute, U.S.A.
  • Peking University free online courses
  • Real Chinese is a course for beginners on video and on line, from the BBC. Video segments available for viewing in the Language Centre Library. Study the text and listen to dialogues on the web. Click on the topics in order to see the slideshow and hear the language, including useful phrases, tips on pronunciation and grammar, cultural notes and short quizzes to check what you've learnt. At the end of each slideshow there's a chance to watch a short (approx. 1 min) videoclip taken from the TV series
  • Chinese a series of free-online lessons based from the FSI, with also dictionaries
  • UK Database of Chinese Research Materials Records from the British Library, Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh, Leeds, Oxford and SOAS
  • XuetangX China's biggest MOOC provider


The Language Centre Library wishes to thank Yi Wu, Library Assistant, for offering many useful weblinks.



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