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Pidgins and creoles information page  from University of Pennsylvania excellent website on pidgins, creoles and non-standard dialects

Wikipedia list of creole languages


Wikipedia French based creole languages

Ile en Ile fantastic resources on Francophone writers from Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific islands

Lexilogos - French based creole languages

Guadeloupe and Martinique

Library shelfmark:  GCF (graphic novel Asterix’ Gran Kannal la)

Creole de la Guadeloupe Wikipedia page

Wiktionary Antillean creole Word list

Haitian creole

Library shelfmark:  HAI

Wikipedia information page

Wiktionary vocabulary list

Cajun French  (Cadien)

Wikipedia page

Agence des Affaires Francophones

Le bijou sur le bayou Teche  video made by Tulane University with subtitles in Cajun French and English

Louisiana creole

Some in the graphic novels Les passagers du vent last two volumes

Wikipedia page (in French)

Pointe Coupee creole learning page

French some text in French creole

Louisiana creole from the Endangered Languages Project

Reunionese creole

Library shelfmark:  REU

Wikipedia Réunion créole dictionary

Lexilogos dictionary

Transport scolaire Short film

Tây Bồi

Now extinct

Wikipedia page

Some in the French film Indochine FR V WAR

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