English for Academic Visitors and Researchers (summer course)

The Language Centre is pleased to offer this three-week summer course in English for Academic Visitors and Post-doctoral Researchers aimed at official visitors to the University. The course takes a skills based approach and focuses on the areas below:


  1. Be able to talk more fluently and naturally about yourself, your work and studies, and your plans
  2. Give your opinion more confidently on a range of topics
  3. Develop confidence and expertise giving a short presentation
  4. Be able to ask questions more accurately and confidently
  5. Develop strategies for conversation management (interrupting, asking for clarification)
  6. Understand some differences between formal and informal English
  7. Develop fluency and extend your knowledge of appropriate language in social situations


  1. Develop confidence listening to a range of speech types
  2. Understand strategies for listening for specific information and understanding the main points
  3. Develop good strategies for listening outside the class


  1. Have a clearer idea of verb forms, articles and other areas as appropriate
  2. Develop your accuracy in spoken and written language
  3. Understand your own weaker areas and know how to work on these by yourself


  1. Become familiar with the phonemic chart, and other aspects of English pronunciation
  2. Start working on relevant aspects of pronunciation through correction and practice exercises
  3. Understand the areas you need to work on, and materials available to help


  1. Develop your ability to describe trends, graphs and charts, and predictions
  2. Develop your knowledge of how to write emails in English
  3. Understand individual areas you can improve in your writing


  1. For academic visitors and researchers who have already received a Single Sign On (SSO), please click here to sign up through our course booking system
  2. For academic visitors and researchers who have not yet received a Single Sign On (SSO):
    Please send an email to admin@lang.ox.ac.uk.To enable us to handle your request in a timely manner it is essential that you please provide the following information:
  • Your first and last name
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • The University department to which you are affiliated
  • The course title (English for Academic Visitors and Researchers)
  • Please also confirm the course price: £400
  • We will enrol you into the course booking system and you will receive more information by email
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