How to Assess Your Level

To assess your level, you will be presented with a list of questions, like the one below:


In order to answer the question you must click once on the down arrow after 'select answer'. You will then see a list of possible answers:


Click once on what you think is the correct answer, and you will immediately be informed whether or not you have been successful, via the box at the end of the question:


- if you are wrong you will see 'Try again!' (as above)
- if you are right you will see 'Correct!'
- if you get the question wrong you are allowed to continue until you find the correct answer



At the end of the test you will be presented with a score (see below) and a table which allows you to gauge your level of ability.

This score comprises the amount of questions answered correctly first time only. So, if you get a question wrong, then continue to try until you find the correct answer, this will not add 1 to your score. Don't worry if you accidentally choose the incorrect answer after having found the correct answer, as the test only uses your first answer towards the final score.

Note: 'Tables of Levels' may vary from language to language and the table below may not reflect the table you see at the end of your particular test.


Your score is:


Based on the score above, please check your corresponding level in the table below:


1-3 Complete Beginner
4-10 False Beginner
11-20 Lower Intermediate
21-30 Intermediate
31-40 Upper Intermediate
41-50 Advanced
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