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Use of the Language Centre Library is free to all members of the University. With materials in over 200 languages, language lovers are sure to find something to stimulate their interest.

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Registration to use and borrow from the Oxford University Language Centre Library is offered to:

  • All matriculated students of the University
  • All members of staff of the University and Colleges, including Oxford University Press, University staff working within the NHS and visiting students
  • All students registered for courses at the Oxford University Language Centre

Registration to use the library for reference only:

Other enquiries about library use, contact the librarian

All Oxford University members should bring their University card when registering.

Please note: A Bodleian reader's card (yellow card) does not entitle the holder to use the Oxford University Language Centre library.

  • The Oxford University Language Centre Library is a lending library, with the exception of class and reference books. 10 items can be borrowed for up to 4 weeks for standard loans and 2 weeks for short loans. They are renewable five times.
  • It is mandatory to register with library staff in order to borrow material.
  • All material consulted on-site must be signed in the registers and all textbooks brought to language classes must be returned at the end of class.

All material is on SOLO (the university catalogue).

SOLO information in Oxford LibGuides
More specific information about SOLO  on our SOLO guide and on the blog

SOLO will indicate:

  • where it is¬†

Reference books are in the first book section, Textbooks in the second, and CD and DVDs are in the audio-visual sections

  • loan status

"Standard loan/Available" means you can borrow the item. A date means it has been borrowed. You can place a reservation on those by signing in. "Reference/Available" means those are not for lending but of course can be used in the library.


Once you have registered, you can borrow.

  • Scan the barcode of your university card
  • Place each item you want to borrow on the plastic square: their titles should appear on the screen with the return date.
  • Select the screen option for receipt or no receipt


  • You can renew your items on the self-issue machine either by selecting the screen option for Renew Item or Account Information.
  • You can also renew your item on SOLO


  • Select return on the screen
  • Place each item on the plastic square: their titles should appear on the screen
  • Select the screen option for a receipt or no receipt
  • Open the drawer on the right-hand side and place your items there.
  • All material consulted on-site must be written down in one of the registers.
  • Readers remain responsible for the material borrowed. They should not give them to other readers unless they have been previously returned.
  • If library material is missing, in a bad state, or has been written on, readers will be asked to replace the items.
  • Food and drink should not be brought in, except for bottled water. Some exceptions may be granted.
  • No user may engage in conduct which infringes the University regulations in respect of the use of materials, facilities and copyright.
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