French is offered in a variety of options. Please select from either LASR Academic Reading, Speaking or OPAL courses.

LASR - Languages for Study & Research

This non-assessed daytime programme offers an affordable and steady year-round solution to foreign language learning for research, study and personal interest. Courses run for three terms, though applications are accepted throughout the year, and those with an academic need for a language course may make priority applications. Both speaking and academic reading courses are offered in French. For general enquiries about LASR courses please contact the Courses Administrator at


  • £45 Matriculated students
  • £80 Staff
  • £150 Visiting & Recognised Students / Academic Visitors / Spouses & Partners / Alumni
  • £200 Non-members of the University (where space allows)

LASR French is divided into Academic Reading and Speaking courses. Please click the link below for the appropriate course.

French LASR Speaking Courses

French LASR Academic Reading Courses


OPAL - Oxford Programme in Languages

This late afternoon/early evening foreign language programme is intended for those who are highly motivated, willing to commit to a fast-paced course and wish to obtain a certificate of achievement. Entry for OPAL courses is strictly from the start of Michaelmas Term. Most colleges and some departments offer financial support. For general enquiries about OPAL courses please contact Sarah Cook at


Matriculated students and staff:

  • £240 for Michaelmas & Hilary + £70 for examination & project fee in Trinity

Academic Visitors / Spouses & Partners / Alumni:

  • £300 for Michaelmas & Hilary + £80 for examination & project fee in Trinity

Tailored Courses

The Language Centre offers tailored courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students from certain departments/faculties which fund them. Students who are interested should contact their department or faculty to register their interest.


Library shelfmark: FR

OF for Old French (with also some books available in the Pléiade collection)

At Oxford

  • Oxford - Some useful links
  • OXAM Digital copies of most of the official examination papers (including the Honours School Examination for Modern Languages) presented by the University of Oxford since 1999-2000. Please note: access is limited to those in the Oxford domain. The listening comprehension and discourse topics examinations are in the library with audio materials available for the listening comprehension examination
  • Oxford University French Society


General courses

Local languages in France and dialects of French







Blogs and MOOCs

Business and Economics

  • Les Echos Daily economic information
  • Le Monde Economie française
  • Insee Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques





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