Complaints Policy




First stage: informal resolution with your tutor

Before raising a complaint, you should seek to explore your concerns and, if possible, resolve the matter with your course tutor.

Second stage: formal consideration

Submitting your complaint

If, after consulting your tutor, you continue to have concerns, or in cases where consulting your tutor is inappropriate, you should submit your complaint to the Language Centre Administration Team by email at or by post to Administration Team, Language Centre, 12 Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HT.

You should supply the following information.

  1. Title, first name and last name
  2. The course(s) you are taking at the Language Centre
  3. Your degree course (as applicable)
  4. Your department and college (as applicable)
  5. A brief summary of the facts including any key dates (limited to 500 words)
  6. A summary of what you think was wrong (limited to 500 words)
  7. A summary of evidence which supports your complaint
  8. What steps you have taken to address the complaint with your tutor. We may decline to consider your complaint if you have not done this and you do not have a compelling reason for not having done it.
  9. The outcome(s) you are seeking
  10. Please set out any time-critical factors of which the decision-maker should be aware
  11. A statement that the information you are supplying is true, correct and complete, to the best of your knowledge.

Complaints which the Administration Team cannot answer will be referred within the Language Centre as follows:

  • Modern language courses, to the Head of Modern Language Programmes
  • Academic English courses, to the Head of Academic English

We aim to acknowledge complaints made under Stage 2 within 5 working days and send a response sent 28 working days.

Separate procedures

The following types of complaints or appeals have separate procedures:


Date of issue: 16 April 2018

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