Priority Funding

If you need to learn a language to support your studies, you can ask your college (if you are an undergraduate) or your department / faculty (if you are a postgraduate) to sponsor you via our Priority Funding scheme. This means that you do not pay for the course yourself and that your application will take priority over other learners. Examples of a Priority Funding application would be students needing to read texts in the target language, to undertake fieldwork or to take an internship in a country where this language is spoken.

The application process has two parts:

  1. Complete our Priority Funding Application Form. You will need the name and email address of a) your tutor/supervisor and b) the financial signatory in your department/faculty or college. We recommend you discuss your need for the course with your tutor/supervisor before completing the form. It is likely that your tutor/supervisor will also be able to tell you who the financial signatory is in the department/faculty or college.
  2. Once both have approved your request you will be booked onto the course by a member of our admin team and you will then receive an automated confirmation email. Please do not enrol yourself onto the course.

For term-time courses, you may apply term by term or for the whole year. If you apply for more than one term, you will not need to re-enrol in the subsequent terms; we will do this for you automatically and charge your college or department/faculty. Please note that to apply for two different courses or languages under this scheme you will need to fill in two separate application forms.

The deadline for submitting your Priority Funding application form for Michaelmas term courses is 12 noon on Wednesday 11 October 2023.

Priority funding is not available for Fast Track courses, for more information on other types of funding for Fast Track courses, please visit the Fast Track pathway information page.




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