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Notice: Access to Language level evaluation pages

The online test pages will be available until 11am on 26 April, in line with enrolment for Trinity term courses.

The Virtual Language Centre is hosted on Canvas, the University of Oxford's Virtual Learning Environment. Here, you can do an online test for all our languages (excluding Dutch and Greek*). The tests include an assessment of all language skills and you will be asked to write and to record yourself speaking in the target language.

*If you wish to study Dutch or Greek please contact the tutors directly to discuss assessing your level.

Please note that if you are a complete beginner you should enrol on a Stage 1 Part 1 course or on Fast Track 1+2 (Michaelmas term only) - you do not need to take a language level evaluation test.

How to access the language level evaluation tests:

  • If you have a Single Sign On (SSO) with the University please click on the 'Assess my level' button below to enrol on the Virtual Language Centre Canvas course where you can take the test

  • If you don't have an Oxford SSO then please email our admin team who will give you access to the Virtual Language Centre on Canvas where you can take the test via the link below



General information about language level evaluation tests

The Language Centre language level evaluation tests have been designed by our tutors to enable us to help you identify which course best suits your needs.

The tests include items that test your listening and reading comprehension, your knowledge of linguistic structures as well as your spoken and written production.

Before you take a test:

  • Make sure that you are able to hear sound and that you can record your voice by performing the recommended sound check
  • Make sure you have sufficient time available to do the test in one sitting
  • The test items increase in difficulty - if you find something too hard just skip it
  • Do not use any dictionaries - do the test as spontaneously as possible, for the speaking part do not prepare a text to read out, just talk as naturally as you can, use English words if you are stuck as this helps us understand what you can do.

After the test:

  • One of our tutors will review your spoken and written production and will let you know what course they recommend you enrol for.
  • You will receive this as a notification via Canvas so please make sure that your settings send you push notifications
  • Please allow 24 hours for our tutors to have the time to review your test.
  • If you have not received any feedback after 48 hours, do contact our admin team


CEFR information

The stages of our course pathways are calibrated on the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR).


CEFR pre-course requirement

Equivalence in classroom learning only

1 None No prior experience of learning the language
2 Some A1 A 30-40 hour course - a very rusty GCSE
3 A1 2 years totalling at least 80 hours of courses - a good but rusty GCSE
4 A2 3 years totalling at least 120 hours - a recent GCSE with a high grade
5 B1 4 years totalling at least 160 hours - a rusty A-Level
6 B2 5 years totalling over 200 hours - a recent A-Level
7 B2+ Over 6 years and continued regular practice


Please note that for Fast Track courses in Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin and Russian, the entry requirements are: 

Fast Track course    

CEFR pre-course requirement

Equivalence in classroom learning only

A1 None No prior experience of learning the language – this course is for absolute beginners
A2 A1 For learners who have a GCSE or two years / 100 hours prior learning or if you completed Fast Track stage 1+2 or General stage 2 in 2020 or 2021 
B1 A2 For learners who have a recent high grade GCSE Higher or who have completed around 150 prior learning hours or if you completed Fast Track stage 3+4 or General stage 4
B2 B1 For learners with a rusty A level of with around 200 prior learning hours or if you completed Fast Track stage 5+6 or General stage 5 or 6 


View the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) graph. 



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