Assess your level

There is a variety of ways to check which stage matches your current learning needs. In the first instance, you can use the table below to compare your past learning experience with our stage entry requirements.

Stage CEFR pre-course requirement Equivalence in classroom learning only
1 None  No prior experience of learning the language
2 A1  A 30-40 hour course - a very rusty GCSE
3 A2 2 years totalling at least 80 hours of courses - a good but rusty GCSE
4 B1 3 years totalling at least 120 hours - a recent GCSE with a high grade
5 B1+ 4 years totalling at least 160 hours - a rusty A-Level
6 B2 5 years totalling over 200 hours - a recent A-Level
7 B2+ Over 6 years and continued regular practice


View the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) graph. 

Alternatively, you can visit the European Day of Languages website and take their online quiz that was developed by the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe. The video in the tile below contains further information on how to assess your level. 

If you are thinking of enrolling on a Fast Track course we highly recommend that you book an online language level evaluation interview with a tutor. These will take place during Week 0 and Week 1 at the beginning of every term. To book an interview please fill in our online request form nearer the time, one of our tutors will then arrange a meeting with you. Please note that all meetings for Michaelmas 2020 will be held online via Microsoft Teams.  

If you are intending to learn French, German, Italian or Japanese with us you may also click on the Assess my Level link below to enrol in our Canvas Virtual Language Centre where you can do an online test.  

If you don't have an Oxford SSO (Single Sign-On) then unfortunately you will not be able to follow the link, but you will still be able to book an online appointment with one of our tutors for Week 0 or Week 1. 


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