Dutch is new to our Languages for All programme for 2018-19 and we are only offering it as a beginner's course.

Information about the course we offer in this language is available by clicking on the course pathway. Please read this information carefully.

Before enrolling or applying it is imperative that you read the enrolment and application information.

General and Academic courses run in three parts. If you did not complete Part One or Part Two, you may still join at the next enrolment point (Part Two or Part Three) provided that you are not an absolute beginner. Please follow the guidance on our website to find the right stage for you and proceed to book your place online. If you are unsure, you may make an appointment to see a tutor in week 0 or week 1. If you feel that you have made the wrong level choice, please discuss this with your tutor at the end of the first class.

If you do not have a University Single Sign On account, please do not click on enrol but follow the instructions here.

Please note that by clicking enrol you will be taken to a shopping basket in the online booking system – do not press the back button to return to our webpage as this will create problems with the system. The fee will be adjusted in accordance with your status as you click through.

Click here for more information and advice on our waiting list system.

Course pathway Stage(s) Enrol or apply Day of week and time Date of first class


Part 3

1 Enrol Friday 13:00-15:00 Friday 10 May

Details of the textbooks to be used for each course (where applicable) will be confirmed by tutors during the first class.

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Culture and Tourist



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  • MNM Contemporary hit radio
  • NPO Radio 1 News, Politics, current affairs and sport
  • NPO Radio 2 Popular music, mostly from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and Dutch music
  • NPO Radio 5 Easy-listening music and entertainment, factual and discussion programmes
  • Radio 1  News, sports and current affairs
  • Radio 2 Soft AC with optouts for regional programming per province


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