Vision and Mission


Our goal is to increase the University’s global impact through enabling clear communication and multilingualism. We continue to provide the University with the highest quality language and academic skills tuition and support. Our focus is on further equipping Oxford’s students and staff to excel in their communication in their teaching and learning, research, careers, and citizenship. In doing so, we aim to develop a new financial model for the Language Centre and to transform the financial performance of the Centre. 


Inclusivity and Opportunity  

1.    We strengthen access, diversity, and inclusion by offering opportunities to all the University’s students and staff to develop their language learning and academic literacy, whatever their background and prior attainment 
2.    We enhance global reach and opportunities, mutual understanding, and trust between members of our multinational University community by developing knowledge and cross-cultural competencies through the medium of modern language teaching and learning  
3.    We aim to increase our provision focused on academic literacies and use of the English language in a higher education context to enable students to succeed on course, whether English is their first language or not 
4.    We will continue to create a vibrant online and offline hub connecting learners and fluent speakers, to unlock the full potential of the University’s international and cultural diversity  

Innovation and Expansion 

5.    As professionally qualified and digitally skilled language educators, we continuously develop our expertise to cover the newest developments in our field, and to meet the latest requirements and expectations of our students and staff as expressed in learner feedback 
6.    We offer flexible and inclusive options for engagement (regular/fast paced/intensive courses and one-to-one consultations on site and/or online, and online self-access resources) and will continue to innovate and expand this range 
7.    We specialise in context-embedded Academic English and Modern Languages courses, designed in partnership with specific academic disciplines, programmes and colleges to meet their local needs: we aim to increase this provision 
8.    We ensure our modern language courses are certified in relation to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), to recognise achievement and support progression in education and careers in any international context 
9.    We will continue to work to diversify and increase the range of modern languages which we teach and support, to reflect the needs of our University community 
10.    We will play an increasingly active role in promoting excellence in language learning and teaching, acting as a focal point for exchange between those who teach languages and academic literacy across the University and beyond 

Global Impact 

11.    We support Oxford’s graduates and staff in acquiring the academic literacy and modern language skills needed to translate their outstanding achievements onto the global stage  
12.    We facilitate students and staff in their international mobility, increasing their ability to work across borders and boundaries of culture and language, during and after study or employment at the University 
13.    We will showcase Oxford’s language and academic literacy teaching expertise by increasingly offering selected external participation in our courses 
14.    We will explore designing and delivering significantly more bespoke courses for other higher education institutions and commercial clients 

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