Writing a Thesis or Dissertation

Course Timetable 

Courses will run in Hilary and Trinity terms. This gives students the opportunity to take one of our other courses in Michaelmas term, which can be helpful preparation for taking this course, and to then focus on thesis and dissertation writing at the time when they need to start thinking about producing their own written work. 
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Course overview

This course is designed for international students who are either writing, or preparing to write, a dissertation or thesis for their degree course at Oxford. Each lesson focuses on a different part of the thesis/dissertation/articles (Introductions, Literature Reviews, Discussions etc.), as well as the expected structure and linguistic conventions. Building upon the foundational understanding provided by our other Academic English courses (particularly Introduction to Academic Writing and Grammar, and Key Issues), this course prepares students for the challenges of organising, writing and revising a thesis or dissertation.

Learning outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of the different organisational structures used within Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences dissertations and theses
  • Consider works of previous Oxford students in order to understand the common structural, linguistic and stylistic issues that arise when drafting a research project
  • Increase competence in incorporating citations into texts, including choosing appropriate tenses and reporting verbs   
  • Learn how to structure the various parts of a dissertation or thesis (Introduction, Literature Review, Discussion, Conclusion and Abstract)

Enrolment information


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Course structure

  • Taught in Weeks 2-8 of term
  • Seminars per week: 1
  • Length of seminar: 90 mins
  • Academic English tutor will provide all materials

Course fees


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