English Language Courses for Admissions Purposes

Your Admissions department may have made it a condition of your offer that you take an Academic English course at the Language Centre. Please follow the links below for details of each course:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes (for postgraduates) satisfactory completion, at the required level, of our online Pre-sessional course is accepted for visa purposes. Assessment will be completed in time for visa applications, in cases where the Pre-sessional is necessary for completion of English language conditions.

For undergraduates, please follow the advice on the student Covid-19 advice page.

Information about meeting language conditions can be found on the dedicated Covid-19 admissions webpage. Alternatively, please contact your department directly. 

For any candidates required to pass the course as a condition of their offer, marking and assessment will be completed by Thursday 3 September. The CAS will then be issued the next day which will give students sufficient time to obtain the appropriate visa in their country of residence and to arrive before the start of Freshers' week (without needing to use or pay for the ‘'priority visa service’).  

Course fees

Introduction to Academic Writing: no cost to student

Introduction to Spoken Communication: no cost to student

Pre-sessional course: £1500



Introduction to Academic Writing/Introduction to Spoken Communication. Your department or college will inform us that you are required to take one of these courses. Subsequently, the Language Centre will email you directly with a link for enrolment.

Pre-sessional course. Enrolment is now closed.


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