English Courses for Academic Visitors and Spouses/Partners

Below you will find information regarding specific courses for academic visitors, spouses and partners of Oxford University members.

Your score can be seen at the end of the test. If you need further help, see our page on how to assess your level.

The Test

1. How many people

in your family?    
2. What time is it?

3. I get up at 8 o'clock

4. How much

where you live?    
5. Where are you going


come to my party next Saturday?    
7. What

in London last weekend?    
8. Is your English improving?

9. I'm going to Sainsbury's

some food.    
10. Oxford is the most attractive city

11. Oxford isn't

12. He was mowing the lawn when I

him yesterday.    
13. Last Tuesday I

to the Passport Office.    
14. What were you doing at 7:30 on Wednesday evening? I

15. What time

to bed during the week?    
16. Do you like Oxford? Yes,

17. I'm afraid I haven't got

18. This book is mine and that book is

19. Would you mind

me that pencil?    
20. I live in Oxford now. I

to France for a long time.    
21. I don't understand. What language

22. She came to Britain

23. My mother never

out in the evenings.    


car is the red Ford?    
26. I'm sorry. I haven't done my report

27. My friend doesn't speak Chinese. I don't

28. That's the house

29. If

30. She asked me how big

31. My friend let

his bike yesterday.    

, what would you spend it on?    
33. I

smoking last year, but I didn't.    
34. I'm

the film on Wednesday.    
35. I'm not

36. The film was very good. It's

37. I have difficulty

38. When I lived in France, I

a lot of wine.    
39. I wish

40. What will you do when

41. The Chancellor

the new wing yesterday, but it still isn't finished.    
42. I'd rather

English than Swedish.    
43. No sooner

in through the door than the phone rang.    
44. We're having the party at

45. If he hadn't known the boss, he

the job.    
46. I'd sooner

a car than a motorbike.    
47. I need to go to

48. It's time

some work.    
49. It's now 9 o'clock and the train

arrive at 8:15.    
50. We regret

that the course has been cancelled.    

Your Score

Your score is:


Use your score and the table below to see which class you should take at the Language Centre.


Score Description
0-30 Your level of grammatical knowledge of English may be too low for you to benefit from the AE courses the Language Centre offers. If you are a member of Oxford University and are interested in improving your English, please contact the Assistant Director for advice.
31-45 If you are a member of Oxford University and feel that you need to improve your writing skills in English, please register for an Academic Writing course at the Language Centre. If you need to improve your oral skills, please apply for a Communication Skills course.
46-50 Your English is very good! You might not benefit from attending a Communication Skills course unless you feel you really need to improve your spoken English. If you are a member of Oxford University, you might still want to consider applying for an Academic Writing course.


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This course follows the same syllabus as the other Communication Skills courses, but participants are likely to change each term.

Thursdays 14:00-16:00 English Communication Skills for Academic Visitors: Tutor- Mariama Sheriff

Registration fee (per term): £150

Click here to see the syllabus
Coursebook: There will be no coursebook. The tutor will provide photocopied materials.

This course is intended for any spouses or partners (male or female) whose level is at intermediate level or above. In order to benefit from the course, you should be able to express opinions on a variety of topics and understand standard spoken English reasonably well, although every encouragement will be given to those who are not accustomed to participating in discussions in English. The class concentrates on improving fluency through discussion of social issues. Participants are welcome to use the library to supplement work in the class.

Group 1 (Intermediate):

Thursdays 11:00-13:00  Tutor- Amanda Jeffries

Fee (per term): £150
Click here to see the syllabus
Coursebook: No Coursebook - Tutor will provide materials

Group 2 (Advanced):

Fridays 11:00-13:00  Tutor- Amanda Jeffries

Fee (per term): £150
Click here to see the syllabus
Coursebook: No Coursebook - Tutor will provide materials

In July every year, the Language Centre offers a three-week course in English for Academic Visitors and Post-doctoral Researchers, with teaching for three hours on four mornings a week (Monday-Thursday). The dates of the course are 2 July – 20 July 2018 and the cost is £400.

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